Friday, August 22, 2008

Forget the Watermark. For now.

Run, Dave Bing. Run.


gehad said...

Dave Bing wants out of a losing investment so he can 'honestly' run for mayor...

What exactly are his credentials for being Mayor of Detroit? Name recognition? PPG? He might be a great Mayor, but we have absolutely no reason to believe so.

David said...

appreciate your flipside view of the matter. but let's be realistic: does Detroit elect on much else but name recognition these days?

I don't see Dave Bing as the ideal candidate, I see him as a major improvement - a businessman, not a wannabe king. Someone needs to downsize Detroit government, strip it clean of waste and corruption and start from square one. I see Bing as a good candidate for the job.

Of course, all things being equal, I'd rather see a hard-nosed, business-savvy Republican come back in and whip things into shape. This is not because I am a Republican, but rather a realist that recognizes that when one party has failed, it never hurts to give the other party a chance. That concept all but saved New York City.

(There I go, pretending things that worked perfectly well other places could ever happen in Detroit!)

gehad said...

The fact that Detroiters think elections are a popular contest, doesn't mean Mr Bing is going to be an improvement.

I don't even think he has proven to be a good business person. He is heavily invested in failing projects in the city and is desperately looking for a way to save face.

While, Dave Bing might be better than Kwame Kilpatrick (so is my mailman), I tend to believe he's just a continuation of the circus show that Detroit politics has become.

David said...

how do you figure we shut this circus down, then - bearing in mind that the voting habits of the city won't magically change overnight (or even in our lifetimes?) i already presented the realistic option (Bing or similar) and the fantasy league option (a Republican).