Saturday, August 9, 2008

No such thing as bad press

To all the Detroiters freaking out about the embarrassment that Mayor Kilpatrick is causing the city, I say this: Take a deep breath and Google the words "mayor" and "arrested."

Go on, I'll wait.


It helps to be reminded that ridiculous as things have gotten in City Hall, Detroit is not the first city to get egg on its face, Mayor-wise. I mean, come on - Marion Barry, anyone?

Okay, so right now Detroit is in the spotlight:
Sex scandal mayor arrested, screams the headline of a South African news site. That's just the first Google hit.

However, Connecticut residents will no doubt find it hard to forget that the mayor of beleaguered Waterbury was a pedophile. The mayor of Shaktoolik, Alaska, was arrested last week on -- gasp -- bootlegging charges. (It's a dry community, you see.) Jersey City, NJ took a blow when its quirky mayor, Jerramiah Healy, got arrested in a beach bar brawl earlier this summer. It happens.

I suppose that with Detroit, the Kilpatrick fiasco is tragic because it has a) dragged on forever and b) the last thing the city needs right now is for its leadership to be melting down into a pathetic puddle. But, at the end of the day, even though the story is at the top of the news worldwide, the world will get bored and move on.

Or, maybe if Detroit is very lucky, the world will get curious and find itself wanting to know exactly what the hell is going on over here. Dream the dream.

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Anonymous said...

Criminal mayors: The 1st Mayor of Toronto, William Lyon Mackenzie, also led the 1st popular uprising, the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837 which coincided nicely with the Lower Canada Rebellion.

When it sizzled he scarpered out of town to hide out in the US.

The Brits hanged his co-conspirators but eventually he oozed his way back and took up residence on Bond Street.

His creepy grandson, Mackenzie King, became Canada's longest-serving Prime Minister and possibly the only head-of-state to conduct the business of the day (including the Great Depression and WWII) in consultation with his dead Mum and his dead dog Pat.

So Mayor Kilpatrick can breath easy! His crimes, so far as we know, are not of a capital nature and his progeny enjoy water parks, not seances.