Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shout outs

Before disappearing for a very long weekend, thought it would be sporting good fun to kick a few people in the shins and run away like a sissy:

1) Way to keep it classy in Denver, Mon. Jackie O couldn't carry your jockstrap.

2) Big ups to the Detroiter who robbed and killed (not necessarily in that order) a visitor from San Jose, whose body turned up in a vacant lot near 8 Mile Road the other week. Warms the heart to see residents doing their bit to welcome our out-of-town guests.

3) Cheers to Ken Cockrel, Jr. who today unveiled his aggressive, inspiring and very bold vision for Detroit: He doesn't think we can ever be Denver -- whoa! dream big! -- but howdy, we can sure try. Something to look forward to, right? I have always said that Detroit is the new Denver.

4) Pat on the ass and words of encouragement to the Governess, no doubt looking forward to the first week of September less than most of America's school-aged children. Save us a seat in the hearing room.

5) Finally, to The Little King of Everything: The Obama campaign is coming to Michigan, but will likely give Detroit as wide a berth as, well, the rest of the world. We couldn't have done it without you! A gift certificate to Brookstone is in the mail - buy yourself one of those fancy butt cushions; you're going to need it in court.

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