Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice gams!

As we reported earlier, there were some tough choices to make, Saturday last.

For us over here, the Dream Cruise was no match for the siren song of the Leamington Tomato Festival across the river. Cars driven by people who love them too much one can see in Michigan every day. The World Famous Tomato Stomp? Once a year. Plus, we'll be more inclined to love on the Cruise when it stops pretending that the world ends at 7 Mile.

A refresher, if you missed last week's post: The World Famous Tomato Stomp is what it sounds like, and that's a picture of the winners of this year's contest, above. A lady participant confided that those interested in participating in future years should bear in mind an important truth: Shaving your legs beforehand is a very bad idea. (Two words: Citric and acid.)

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