Sunday, August 10, 2008

The man knows how to read a map

Another day, another round of Kwame news: Today it's that he spent more time in Canada than that one trip to Windsor on city business. I have always joked that the current administration punishes Americans for going to Canada. (How dare you be curious about what's beyond our borders!)

I see it in the way I get treated by our taxpayer-funded border crossing guards, who give me the stinkeye, conduct unnecessary searches and ask needlessly probing questions every time I commit the great sin of crossing over. The bond-violation mess proves it: Going to Canada is bad. It could also result in you wearing a leg bracelet.

Frankly, I think it's time for the government to evaluate the way it sees a place like Ontario, particularly if you are a Michigan or New York State resident. For Detroiters, it is impossible to avoid and it seems strange to treat it as if it were another planet. It is Canada, for goodness' sake. Not Kashmir.

The latest revelation, which the papers were only too happy to beat to death, includes a bit about Kilpatrick being spotted - the horror - at a water park in Niagara Falls, Ont. with his kids. Why? He was on his way back from an approved trip to upstate New York. This may seem like a flagrant disregard for the terms of his bond, but if anyone cared to get out a map, they'd find out in about ten seconds that the fastest way to Michigan from upstate New York (and vice versa) is via Ontario. To wit:

Detroit-Niagara Falls via the 401/QEW? 248 miles.

Detroit-Niagara Falls via Cleveland/Erie? 386 miles.

Never having to even see a sign for Ohio, the Ohio Turnpike or anything Ohio-related? Priceless.

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