Friday, August 22, 2008

Things that are good, Ep. 6

Welcome to another episode in the occasional series designed to show people who do not know anything about Detroit that there is an actual city here.

Sent around a bunch of snaps from Downtown earlier this summer; the usual suspects, plus this building, pictured above, the name of which I did not know at the time. Targeted all my smug Chicago friends, none of whom have ever been, quel surprise.

Of course, everyone reacted most to the image I had no information on. It struck me at the time that this building should probably be famous. Turns out, it isn't all that famous. I mean, people know it's there, but it's not like "David Stott Building" is on the tip of everyone's tongue. Maybe because it is called the David Stott Building. Hardly Penobscot or Guardian, is it.

I now know plenty about it, of course. That the Art Deco-style tower faces Capitol Park and that it was designed by Donaldson and Meier, completed in 1929 and features Parducci detailing at least by the entryways. And that the AIA says it is one of the top 10 buildings downtown, but then again, they put Ford Field on the list, though one does appreciate that they shoved it in a corner back there so one doesn't have to look at it, ever

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N said...

Nice picture of the David Stott Building. Thank you for posting it. One of the problems for this building is that it has lacked grand, dramatic sight lines. This problem was somewhat alleviated when the old JLHudson's Building was torn down opening the view of the Stott from the east side of Woodward.

One of my favorite views of the David Stott is from one of the exercise rooms at the Boll Family YMCA. When you look out the floor to ceiling windows, you see the DSB looming over the low-rise Merchant's Row.

Last week I went on the Cityscape tour of the Book Cadillac. One of the best features of the tour, to me, was the fact that the rear windows of the BC look directly out on the David Stott Building.