Friday, August 15, 2008

You think?

This story about the Dream Cruise and the cool events in downtown Detroit was supposed to be positive. And it is. Still, to hear someone from the Henry Ford say the following just shows how far we have to go. Jim Johnson, spokesgenius, told the News that, and I quote, It's nice to see Detroit get a role in the Cruise's festivities because of Detroit's heritage involving the auto industry.

Aww, shucks, JJ! That's like holding the Oscars in Pasadena and throwing a bone to Downtown Los Angeles, because, you know, it's nice to include them, because, hey: they have been sort of important to the movie industry.

Actually, I just realized that Detroit is ahead of Los Angeles in this regard. LA's stunning, original downtown theater district is still grossly underutilized, has no events at Oscar time, and few outsiders even know it is there. (It is - in all its incredible glory, along with the original site of the Academy Awards, the incredible Biltmore hotel.)

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