Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The murder problem

Homicides within the city of Detroit generally do not get much ink. There are too many of them. Judging by the number you see reported and the typical number reported at year's end, lots do not even make it into the paper. The DPD is not known for its transparency and good record keeping. The press is known for its inability to do anything about this.

Lots of Detroit homicides get at least a little airtime, though. Many mornings, you wake up to see a reporter from one of the television stations staked out on some unfamiliar West Side corner. Camera goes on, OMG, blood was shed that night RIGHT NEAR WHERE THEY ARE STANDING, camera goes off, reporter hops in van, everyone goes on with their day. Sometimes they go back later on for the Grieving Mother clip. Not always.

One of the most frustrating things about the twilight of the Kilpatrick era was how distracted public officials could be, due to the scandal and all. Murders would come and go without any sort of sign that City Hall was even paying attention. They're paying attention today. Too bad a 4 month-old had to die in in a hail of bullets the other night to make it happen.

The new police chief wants a return to precincts! (With what money?) Monica Conyers wants the death penalty! (Just for baby killers though, and not the kind they pray against at Sarah Palin's church.) The mother of the 4 month-old tells the murderer: God will get you.

Outrage! That's what you like to see. A city too jaded to get angry about this sort of stuff is a city that has outlived its usefulness.

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