Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello, Shrek (Goodbye, Donkey)

Geez. Big day around here.

1) Ken Cockrel, Jr. sworn in, secret-like. Saul Green to be deputy. A national newspaper muses that a special election might just be a waste of money. Thank goodness that Barbara-Rose Collins is on hand to explain everything.

2) At the airport, North Terminal opens to the public. USA Today liveblogs this, but not the dramatic collapse of local government. Possible logic behind decision: The airport is the closest most outsiders will ever get to Detroit.

3) Monica Conyers sworn in as city council president. Some question the existence of God.

4) First step towards state takeover of DPS finances initiated. Michigan taxpayers discover that opportunities to despise Detroit are actually limitless.

5) Big 3 tell Congress it's the worst things have been in 30 years. Chrysler rolls out big campaign for the next Dodge Ram. Srsly?

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