Sunday, September 28, 2008

Speak up, Barry

Barack Obama is back in town today, this time to speak to the people living in the Park Shelton. (And a few ten, twenty thousand folks in the street below. There goes a quiet Sunday!)

What with The Kilpatrick Problem solved (for now) and all, maybe this time he will actually make a speech. One that the Kilpatricks themselves may be able to hear outside their window if they are at home, isn't life comical like that.

What kind of glib promises does one make when one is speaking to a city like Detroit? Kind of hard to nance around reality in this town, even though many do have that down to a fine art.

UPDATE 3:32 PM: "I know these are difficult days and nowhere has it been more difficult than Michigan and Detroit." Bet he says that to all the girls. Also: Why does he keep mentioning the middle class? Pandering to the suburbs!

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