Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Things that are good, ep. 9

We now return to our occasional series that seeks to inform people who do not live in Detroit that this city is good for more than political soap opera and abandoned train stations.

The vintage townhouse developments in Detroit's West Village are one of the city's most unexpected surprises. A unit in this beauty was recently going for a bit less than $50,000. The home next door (left) is on sale for $44.9K.

If you lived here, at the near-perfect corner of Parker and St. Paul, you'd be just steps from the more typical wide-open-spaces of Detroit in 2008, but you'd be even closer - just one block away - from shaded Seminole Street, part of Detroit's showpiece Indian Village Historic District. This is one of the most remarkable residential neighborhoods you'll ever find in an American city, architecturally speaking at least.

Listings in Indian Village on Trulia.com currently go as high as $725K, for a nearly 10,000 square foot, 7 BR, 6BA Georgian built in 1914. There are, however, one or two listings elsewhere that top the $1 million mark.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find this listing? I would buy that tomorrow.

David said...

hey there - not sure which of the three listings you are keen on, so here they all are. The townhouse property may have sold.

1) $725K Indian Village 7 BR
HIGBIE MAXON AGNEY, (313)886-3400

2) $44.9 West Village single family 1531 Parker
VERNELL WILSON, (248) 514-0091

3) $44K West Village townhome
Unfortunately, I think this is now gone..I can't find the listing where I originally saw it, on Realtor.com. Not surprising. If I find a listing, I will post it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, love the blog by the way :)

Allan said...

I live on Saint Paul, just over a block away from the townhouse in the photo. Sadly, the $44,000 unit ended up selling for a mere $19,000 in August. There are only 10 houses for sale in the 12-block West Village area, though, so its not doing too badly compared to a lot of other city areas. The people who got the house really got a deal, since they got a prime piece of real estate in one of the top neighborhoods in the city for almost nothing!