Thursday, September 4, 2008

The "global motorists" cruise on in

The only national newspaper to feature Detroit's top local news story with any prominence at all right now is the Wall Street Journal, which just put this little banner up moments ago. Interesting to see them talking about it in the past tense. Somebody should alert the local media.

UPDATE 5:16PM: Of course, the story is now appearing in many news outlets - still mostly wire copy retread, nothing insightful. However, when this post went up at 10:00 this morning, the Journal had just added this banner on their site. At the time, they were the only major national paper to feature the story prominently at the top of their site. It was buried at USA Today. The New York Times didn't feature it until after the end of proceedings. The Los Angeles Times now has an AP rewrite, but didn't before. Besides, who reads the Los Angeles Times.

I said "past tense" in regards to the Journal's teaser because they'd used the word "resign" before the mayor had even entered the courtroom. Essentially, they were saying it was a done deal, before it was, legally. Interestingly, the banner disappeared from the site very quickly.


Anonymous said...

Um, "resigns" is present tense. And the story was on top of the New York Times page, AP, Reuters, etc.

David said...

it's marginally present now, much later in the day. but look at the time of my post (1000a). this banner appeared on the WSJ site shortly before that. again, this was before they went live to the courtroom.

by past tense I meant that the Journal was saying that it was over before the proceedings actually started. which is, in fact, what they did do. I noticed that this banner appeared from the site quite quickly.