Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby steps

This image? That was then, then being only a few years ago. To get a sense of how this particular corner (Michigan/Vernor/14th) looks today, here you go:

Nicely done, Detroit.

top image originally uploaded by k.james.


Brent said...

Anything that lead to Slows Bar B Q is well worth applauding ! I recently visited and I was frankly amazed by the city and its resources. Whatever is the catalyst for the turnaround, its working.

David said...

thanks for visiting - tell a friend!

big picture-wise, detroit is definitely not turning around, but in spite of that, the core and some of the surrounding areas are defying the odds.

of course, detroit has always been and will always continue to be architecturally appealing, revitalized or no. which is one thing we have over lots of other cities.

Brent said...

Darn, It's a shame to hear that. I spent the previous day in Toledo and what was happening to the downtown core was frightening: every second to third building was boarded up. I spent most of my time on the waterfront area, then the Museum strip, then Slows. I could still see signs of what I saw in Toledo...(I'm from Toronto so I'll never get used to buying groceries behind bullet proof glass) but I can definitely see myself returning for a longer stay...

And keeping an eye on the blog

David said...

Toledo's where Detroit goes to feel better about itself.

Seriously, though - please do come back to Detroit, any time. Its bark is far worse than its bite. Great to see yet another visitor from Toronto. Tell a friend!