Thursday, October 30, 2008

Devils vs. Angels

Another one to file under "this is not normal": Mayor Cockrel and an army estimated to reach about 50,000 are doing their bit to keep Detroit from going up in flames tonight. In other cities, people wait to celebrate Halloween until Halloween (like, tomorrow) and then, they don't set fires. They hand out candy and go to costume parties dressed like scary celebrities. Sigh.

That stuff happens here too, but Detroit likes to embellish and personalize stuff. Which is how we got Devil's Night, an annual arsonfest in a city that already very much likes to play with matches.

Everyone's talking about how the evening's festivities aren't quite what they were back in the day; official reports show about 150 fires for the three day period ending on Halloween a year ago. Toasty, sure, but no more toasty than usual, according to fire officials, who say that number's even a little low for a typical three-day period.

Things could be a little different this year, with more empty homes than usual. Or not. Either way, Papa Ken isn't taking his chances, and asks that if you are home tonight, at the very least, keep your porch lights on. Because, you know, "evil things happen in the dark."

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