Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is getting uncomfortable

Who knew it was going to get worse? The latest text messages to be released that make Kwame Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty look ridiculous are actually kind of gross. Not funny, not sexy, just ick. (We're thinking, specifically, about that "little bit messy" line from the conversation where CB is telling KK that her Aunt Flo is in for a visit. Shudder.)

Because he cares, you have some of the best bits compiled in the latest post over at Detroitist. However, if you really have nothing else to do (like, for instance, watch the season opener of 30 Rock nearly a week early!) the entire PDF of the court documents is available via the Freep.

Two things to ponder. One, thank goodness these people are gone from City Hall. Also: How embarrassing would your private life look if splayed out in a court document?

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