Monday, October 13, 2008

Things that are good, ep. 14

Welcome to another installment in our series designed to show people who do not live here that Detroit is more than troubled corporations and scary titty bars.

Detroit is full of secrets. Not in the sense that nobody has heard of the Earthworks Urban Farm on Mt. Elliott; in fact, it's probably one of the best known gardens in the city, which has many gardens, seeing as there is all this land that is currently not needed. Run by the Capuchins just next door, the "farm" supplies vegetables to their soup kitchen and is also a teaching tool for local students.

Located deep in the sort of neighborhood you typically wouldn't cruise around just for the hell of it, the garden just pops up out of nowhere on a quiet block not far from the Heidelberg Project.

On a recent evening, when the surrounding area was deader than the Arctic in January, I drove into the alley to take a few pictures and came across a Buddhist dude from Windsor named Dave, who was busy composting. Dave invited me to the Detroit Zen Center one of these Sundays. That was kind of him.

On October 29, the farm is having it's annual harvest dinner, to be held at the Gleaners Food Bank on Beaufait. Sign up by the 20th; info here.

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