Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maybe she just stopped in Ypsi to ask directions?

NPR's Marketplace went bizarrely jokey a couple of years back. It was fine having a dude named Kai (Bro, no way!) "doing the numbers" when times were okay. Now it's just annoying. They have this feature called "The Road To Ruin?" that they're airing now, because, duuude, it's so fun and bouncy to talk about how we're ruined, y'know?

Because no look at how hard America blows/is about to blow is complete without a visit to Detroit, the series hit Detroit today. At least that's how they teased it on the show in advance. Something like, "Join us tomorrow on the Road To Ruin, when we'll be in Detroit."

The segment aired. Perhaps you heard it. Maybe the lady reporter from the New York bureau meant to end up in Detroit, but got stuck in Ann Arbor listening to nervous nelly college students.

Just to be edgy, she also went slumming in Ypsilanti, where she reported dutifully that there were some empty shopfronts. That was about it. Oh, points though -- the tease for the segment was, but of course: "Recession nothing new for Michigan."

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