Sunday, November 9, 2008

We salute their creativity

If Metro Detroit had its own currency, it would likely be as worthless as Zimbabwe's dollar by now. Instead, we have Detroit real estate. Plenty of that lying around, much of it as close to worthless as it has ever been.

Yes, my friends, times like these call for creative thinking. Per example, sale by raffle. A Waterford couple is giving it a go; tickets are $100. While they are hoping to sell 2,500 tickets, that is probably wishful thinking - similar properties in Waterford are going for a lot less than $250K.

Still, might be worth buying a ticket - a $100 house in Waterford with lake access seems like great value. Oh, and also? They're paying closing costs.

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Ser said...

Wow! I am really glad to see that thome raffles are taking hold all across America. You can find more homes that are being raffled off at This site makes it easy for people to find home raffles as well as get set up to conduct home raffles. Look under the 'current raffles' section to find and buy raffle tickets.