Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How do you spell "over?" O-H-I-O

What a bust of an election night - it isn't even 10:00 pm EST and already the television is calling that place where Toledo is at....for Obama (or, in Nanaspeak, that nice colored fella). Huge news, of course. This thing is over. O-v-e-r.

How? Glad you asked: What the networks have called at this point plus three of four in-the-tank western states that are Calif., Wash., Ore. and Hawaii means a win for Change. Jobs, too, according to Governor Granholm, who enthused earlier on MSNBC that Obama was going to save Michigan, or something. (Someone has been snacking on the Hope, apparently.)

Final signoff/celebration/whoops, actually we lost later tonight, but now that breathing easy is a possibility, it is off to watch Comedy Central's election night special. Like every good Socialist, we will be viewing it on stolen cable. Spread the wealth.

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