Saturday, November 8, 2008

Manage your expectations

Look. Voted for the dude. Like the dude. But really: He's a politician. Ladies and gentlemen, time to set your expectations to "managed." Detroiters are pretty good at that, so there's something.

Matthew Parris of the Times of London has a great reminder for everyone:

"He is the pop star whose poster adorns the adolescent's bedroom wall; the Blessed Mary who understands her supplicant's every woe; the gentle Jesus, a personal friend who will not forget us.....It is desperately important that we never meet these people...reality would be cruel."

What he said. This isn't to say that Barack Obama doesn't care, but when you find out that Barack Obama doesn't care about what you thought he cared about quite as much as you do, well, consider it a valuable lesson learned. Politicians, because they are people, will generally disappoint you early and often. Again, advantage Detroit: if disappointments were currency, this town would be rich.