Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ohio: Now potentially 30% more useless!

People have been leaving places like Southern California, New York/New Jersey and the Rust Belt (that's how this is related to Detroit) for years. They go for jobs, for sunnier climes, for more affordable living.

While many of these folks are Republican-voting escapists seeking a life free of taxes and people who are not white, they're also moving to western and Sunbelt cities, which makes these cities grow, and as everyone knows, it is generally true that the larger a city gets, the more likely it is to go blue. (Even in Texas, the largest cities are crawling with commies and homosexuals. Just hit a bar in Dallas' Oak Lawn district on a Friday night. You'll see.)

The fun part with the West is, big cities in otherwise empty states can turn the tide, election-wise, for obvious reasons. Look at a state like Nevada, polling Dem in the national election this year. Not so surprising, seeing as 2 million folks in a state of 2.5 million now live in the sinful, godless, Las Vegas metro. Colorado, with its Front Range megalopolis growing and diversifying by the year, is now on the fence as well. (Communism: It's not just for Boulder County anymore!)

Since when did these recently reliable reds become the new Ohio? Don't care, too intrigued by the idea that Ohio could finally become as irrelevant on Election Day as it is every other day of the year, where, seriously, it is starting to appear as if voters just enjoy the attention from the national media.

Really, Ohio - you cannot be that bewildered, with your hand-wringing and your whining and your faux indecisiveness. Shut up.

You know where else can shut up? Florida. If a bunch of retirees that sell their votes for a little anti-Castro / pro-Israel rhetoric can swing the state, then just die already, seriously. We have a lot of other problems right now, which you'd know if you ever left the activities room.

And then, on to Virginia. Who needs it, even though eventually it will go reliably blue, considering the densification of the northern counties that are becoming the new population center of the state, ha ha ha. How funny is it that we are even mentioning Virginia in the same sentence as the word blue? Times change.

Really, though. Republicans can have all of these states, at least this year. Obama will still win, even if only barely. Here's how:

Check out the map above. Nearly all of the blue states are a sure thing. Together, they total 273 electoral votes. This map shows Obama winning with the help of just three tiny states that went red in 2004.

First off, Iowa. Bizarrely, went to Bush last cycle. It doesn't generally go GOP. This time around, they're back to normal, in the tank for the Dems, according to polls.

That just leaves two non-reliable states that have to go for Obama that did not vote for Kerry in 2004: Colorado and Nevada. They're blue on this map because they are both polling for Obama at this point, by reasonable margins.

This isn't to say that they're going to end up blue, but if they do, note that it is no longer necessary for Ohio, Virginia and Florida to vote Democrat. Yep - all we need to push Obama over the edge, electoral vote-wise, is Pennsylvania, where they haven't gone for a Repub since the '80's, so really - does anyone honestly think that state is going to go for McCain? The polls insist not.

Anyway - how sweet would it be if the West really won this thing? Colorado as a swing state=so much more interesting than being forced to listen to the thoughts and feelings of fake plumbers from the Toledo suburbs that can't even do simple math.


N said...

To me, one of the cleverest sub-campaigns this election is The Great Schlep which is an effort to have young Jews visit their grandparents in Florida and convince them to vote for Obama. Sarah Silverman did a really clever video.

David said...

'twas a funny vid, that's for sure. i hope it did some good.