Saturday, November 8, 2008

A short visit to Corktown

Detroit's oldest neighborhood is also one of the oldest in the Midwest. In Corktown, the architecture speaks to a time when settlers were building more in line with what you'd find back East/in the old South.

Like this.

Family-owned until relatively recently, this market now has an unsavory reputation (rumor has it that the upstairs is, er, full service). Great structure, though.

Dates back to 1850. Stop on the Underground Railroad. A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind (around here, that is) structure that feels more New Orleans or Alexandria than Rust Belt.

Back to earth - yep, still in Detroit. Though, the much-celebrated new Mercury Coffee Bar is just a few doors up from the old hotel, which faces Roosevelt Park and the infamous carcass of Michigan Central Station.

The Mercury joins a growing number of businesses that are bringing the strip of Michigan Avenue between Vernor and the downtown area back to life, after years of slumber. By Detroit standards, Corktown is quite the success story. Check out homes for sale or rent at O'Connor Realty - they're headquartered right in the 'hood.

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