Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote, if they let you

Either everyone is trying to stop black people from voting, or more black people are voting than ever before. At the undisclosed location in which this blog is currently condemned to cast its ballot, the polling station serves two districts. One predominantly white, the other mostly black. Guess which side of the gymnasium was experiencing ridiculously long lines and magical/mysterious machine shortages? Embarrassment, She Wrote!

Also, tangent: Not on the ballot, but after seeing this this video interview, we are very much in the tank for Ken Cockrel, Jr. as President of Cute.

Speaking with the News, the Acting Mare wore his totally jazzy orange Angel's Night sweater and ill-fitting baseball cap, and you actually get to hear Cockrel refer to himself (one more time, it never gets old) as "a geek" before launching into this whole thing about the relationship between science fiction and real life. No idea what he was saying, but we loved hearing it! When the mayor goes gay, we are so getting married.

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