Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your new president

There's like, 4825 things you want to say at a time like this. At a certain point in the evening, though, stringing words together in a sentence becomes difficult. Solution: pictures! Pictures are good.

Some wanted a president they could have a beer with; others would rather share a shave ice in Hawaii with their commander in chief.

Tasty. (The shave ice, too.) Where this image came from, who knows, but definitely a keeper.


inprogress said...

that is a great pic!

speaking of, what do you shoot with?

David said...

yes - i'm waiting for someone to yell at me to take it down, but until then, up it stays.

i use a crap point and shoot - Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W5. ready to upgrade to something slightly better, but not ready for professional just yet. suggestions?

inprogress said...

what do you want to take pictures of? and more importantly, how much do you want to spend?

David said...

tx for getting back to me, i mostly seem to do architecture/cityscapes. i'd like to do a better job of it. don't want to make too big a leap from my current camera, so wouldn't spend more than $400.