Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can we update our sweeping statements already?

So, looks like Augie from The Hard Lessons took a reporter from the BBC World Service on a little tour of Detroit.

I'm sure he showed this reporter all sorts of interesting stuff, and explained how the region has changed/the population has shifted/blah blah blah since, oh, 1967, but you wouldn't know from the photos they posted.

Not when the captions inform us of the fact that, for instance, everyone who lives on the north side of 8 Mile is white and/or rich (quit your bitching, Royal Oak Township!) or that "even the pawn shops in Detroit are in trouble." The photographic evidence is, of course, Sam's, on a block of Michigan Avenue that looks better than it has in years.

It's just so refreshing to see yet another reporter offer such fresh, unique insight into the goings on here. Don't know about you, but more, please!


D-Tales said...

If I see one more picture of an abandoned house or a dilapidated storefront, I am going to pistolwhip a reporter. Is that "Detroit" enough for everyone?

David said...

I would pay good money to see that. I'd think it's easy pickings at Miller's Bar in Dearborn -- that seems to be where most of the British journalists are getting their "Detroit" stories. Pussies.

mingusal said...

What an exceptionally boring set of pictures. Let's see: there's guy and girl shivering on empty sidewalk (free promo for their band, obligatory Motown reference), the usual picture of the old train station, some pictures that look like they taken from a moving car around the Chrysler and 8 Mile, the inside of a "Detroit bar" in Ferndale (where the reporter and her subjects presumably wiled away the rest of the cold afternoon), a man with 4 cars in his driveway, an SUV in a parking lot, and a few shots of the freeway taken out of the reporter's hotel window. Insightful hard-hitting stuff.

David said...

Here's the story, if anyone's interested. I've seen worse.

AmyinMotown said...

Are you seriously kidding me? The BBFuckingC and this is the best they could do? I am surprised they didn't mention Coleman Young or The Fist.