Friday, January 16, 2009

Civilized. Civilized is nice.

You'd think Detroit was on the grow looking at the hotel scene downtown; it has essentially been transformed over the past couple of years. From the better-than-half-of-Vegas rooms and spa at the MGM Grand to the Westin-but-hot feel inside the renovated Book Cadillac, it's a whole new day around here. Bye, Marriott. Later, Atheneum. (God, I hate that hotel.)

The latest arrival at the party (and the last possibly forever) is the reincarnated Fort Shelby hotel, now branded as a Doubletree Suites property, also with apartments. As a happy Hilton HHonors member, I checked in to see what was what.

Even in soft opening, I'd say it's a great business hotel, with speedy internets, an all-Precor equipment fitness center and good beds. Staff are really bending over backwards to be hospitable, but I find that to generally be the case at hotels these days, with travel down so significantly.

The real surprise, besides how pleasant the lobby is - maybe a little bright, but still, well done - and how convenient the branch of Bear Claw Coffee in the lobby is, was room service.

It came from the restaurant, Finn & Porter, which fronts on the swinging corner that is Lafayette and 1st. This is not not a game-changing sort of restaurant, but it's really recent. My dinner is pictured above. Organic green salad, roasted chicken, macaroni and cheese and wild mushrooms. I was hungry. Shut up.

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D-Tales said...

No one is judging you. Besides, salads don't count.