Saturday, January 3, 2009

The cow bailout

An overextended dairy industry is in crisis. Powdered milk is piling up in warehouses across the country. Farmers are freaking out. What now? Oh, that's right - Washington commits nearly $1 billion to buy up surplus product to keep the industry stable.

It's all perfectly normal. Just another ag subsidy. That's probably why nobody complains, nobody shows up with TV cameras and nobody writes Op-Ed pieces in newspapers about how the dairy industry deserves to die because it could not accurately predict demand or adjust to changing tastes.

People are funny.

Meanwhile, economists say that if Jesus Christ Obama makes good on that reach around/stimulus he promised, the economy will be just super again, soonest. Either way, an informal study over the past 48 hours reveals that Americans are so overwhelmingly pleased to have done with 2008, they have all resumed buying stuff.

Maybe it's because dealers are giving away free cars. And why not. After all, don't we the taxpayers own GM now, or something? We should be able to get whatever we want.


D-Tales said...

Heh heh heh..."Jesus Christ" and "reach around"...heh heh...

DIETROIT said...

We are going to mention this in an interview we have with a german newspaper this weekend - thanks to the unknown emailer who sent us to your site today -cheers from MCB

also look for a killer photo exhibit of local bands/artists to go up at MCB (mercury coffee bar) really soon by MCB (MOTORCITYBLOG)