Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fleeing The Cleve

It is a losing game to mock Cleveland for its many attempts at finding the perfect promotional slogan. This is as pot-meet-kettle as a Lions fan informing a Chiefs fan that the latter's team blows.

Ah, yes. Both Detroit and Cleveburg have seen their share of embarrassing branding efforts, though right now, cringe-making as it is, the "D" campaign wins out over "Positively Cleveland." Too close a cousin to the charming but sad "Say nice things about Detroit," which really turned things around, as we all know.

How about: Cleveland - The only city that makes you wish you were in Detroit!

Right - not being helpful. But on a personal level at least, sort of true. Surely, there is a point to Cleveland. Thus far, the point has not been made clear.

There is plenty to do, that's for certain. Also, the city actually functions on a reasonable level. It has an architecturally appealing downtown, friendly people and some good eats. Still, after all's said and done, there's something about Cleveland that's well, Cleveland.

Mazel tov, best wishes, but no.

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N said...

I really hate to see a man in a Full Cleveland: white pants, white shoes, AND a shiny white belt.