Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Motown Day

From the Feel-Good Files: Baltimore is like Detroit, but campier. Among many commonalities, the city is blessed with the sort of politician that brings a familiar aim-low attitude to corruption, possibly in order to provide a cheap source of merriment to the embattled local population.

Whereas Detroiters were in the past ashamed to learn that staffers at the Conyers House of Healing (and Sternly Worded Letters) stole holiday turkeys donated for the poor, there now may be some quiet rejoicing in the Motor City: Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon has been brought up on charges that, among other things, she and her staff stole gift cards that were meant to go to the needy over the holidays.

Easy on the schadenfreude, though: Under Dixon's watch, Baltimore posted an actual population gain, and her numbers were pretty tight among both rich and poor. The murder rate may be neck and neck with Detroit, per capita-wise, but the population was growing. (Not surprising - Baltimore has some marvelous neighborhoods.) So, girlfriend must have been doing something right, in which case, who cares if she was pilfering Barnes & Noble cards from the Neediest Fund?

Defiance is the new black, thanks to trendsetters like Kilpatrick and Blagojevich, so Dixon is vowing to stay on and fight. Smiles times! Wonder if the governor's going to have to go in for removal hearings.

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