Friday, January 9, 2009

A glimpse of Detroit's future?

If Pittsburgh can rise from the ashes, so can Detroit. It's that simple. Everything that has happened here did happen / is happening elsewhere. It's a question of how you deal, or whether you choose to deal with it at all.

Intrigued? Great. Start by leaving Michigan. Temporarily. If your car runs and you can afford two tanks of gas, you can afford to go to Pittsburgh, about 4 hrs and 30 mins away. It's a great town, once left for dead. If a visit here doesn't convince you that Detroit can also pick up the pieces and move on, well, keep driving. Someone will be glad to send your furniture on to Charlotte, or Tampa, Atlanta - wherever. Enjoy.

You don't actually have to go to Pittsburgh to get the picture. There's also reading. Reading helps you grow. Modern Pittsburgh history in a nutshell: Steel, steel and only steel, whoops, no more steel, OMG Pittsburgh is over, we're dead, doomed, ahhhhhh....oh wait - let's quit crying, put our big boy pants on and rebuild.

Before you do anything, though, start by reading this.

(end of rant)

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