Monday, February 2, 2009

Dibs on the stove

Looks like that big shopping mall project at 8 Mile and Woodward that's maybe possibly probably not happening can have all the land it wants now. That, or the city has yet another big ass vacant lot on its hands.

Seriously - a state without a state fair? Michigan, you're awesome. Let's totally make out. Guess there's always that one in the U.P., but Escanaba is far.

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AmyinMotown said...

Sweet mother of...that's my hood (Greenacres) and I would be sad if the fair left. Not to mention for city folk like us, that's about the only time we get to interact with the farm life that defines so much of the rest of the state.

Honestly? I could do without the pricey rides and all the tacky midway stuff, and while the concerts were fun to listen to from our backyard when they had them in the open air, I wouldn't miss them either. Just give me the animal exhibits and an elephant ear booth and I'm good. Maybe that's what the state could do.

Also, the shopping mall? Yeah. A neighbor of mine and the developer's reps called racist those of us who were questioning such things as what studies had been done to prove this viable, what stores had already signed leases (they claimed Trader Joe's, about which I got an unequivocal NO from, you guessed it, Trader Joe's), did they really think a huge shopping center would draw people from the suburbs or just drain shoppers from Northland, etc., what approvals they had form the city (at the time they said they had all necessaary approvals --they actually hadn't even gotten site plan signoff yet), etc. My concern was that it would end up another strip mall full of cell phone stores and drugstores. We got sold a ton of pie in the sky about the kind of stores that were coming in, and yep, almost five years later (which I know is accurate because I was pregnant with my first child then, and she's four now) there's a big gaping hole on that lot and a nice sign and that is IT.

Maybe I am too cynical, but as I said to my husband "I hope it works, but until I am walking the kids over to the Borders and getting a coffee at the Starbucks they SWEAR will want to move in, I am doubting."