Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From the desk of Matty Maroun's public relations people

Comes word from a Washington-based communications firm, hired, we suppose, to lobby against the Detroit River International Crossing. Take note!

"If approved, the DRIC will cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars and result in the destruction of the minority and low-income neighborhood of Delray in Detroit. Predominately white neighborhoods in Detroit were removed from consideration as sites for the DRIC for political reasons."


-Oh no, not dear Delray! The fawns will no longer gamble, the brooks no longer babble....where will the nuns and puppies frolic? The ladies lunch?

-Also: Somebody still lives in Delray, it appears.

-Where are all these secret white waterfront city neighborhood places we are hearing so much about?

With this as the first talking point, it's tough to keep reading. Bottom line, though, Matty says that the DRIC is bad. That's it, you're up to date.

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Pretty neat story, thought you'd like this.