Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It just sounds right

While waiting to see if Dave tops Ken in the finals just for fun, you know how, back in the day, hearing W. or anyone from the White House speak made your skin crawl? Like nails on a chalkboard, it sounded! To us.

Such is not turning out to be the case with B. Obama or his spunky Sephardic boyfriend Rahm Emanuel. You know what? This one time, I had a drink with Rahm Emanuel in a bar. We talked for thirty minutes about nothing in particular before he revealed his status as a congressman from Illinois, at which time I revealed that I was a reporter. That was totally cool. His nice shiksa wife was there, otherwise it would have been kind of like a date.

Meanwhile, why is Bobby Jindal's voice bobbing up and down like that? Is he reading America a bedtime story? MUTE.

Way more fun is the Detroitist response to the City Council's latest act of lunacy. The only thing more hilarious than the fact that Monica Conyers continues to be allowed out of her padded cell to hurt herself and others was the response from Brooks Patterson upon hearing the news.

Great quote here, no doubt phoned in while on the way to his weekly Klavern barbecue in Livonia, or whatever it is those horrible "suburbanites" that want to take things away from "Detroiters" do in their free time.

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