Monday, February 23, 2009

Keep Ken

Enough with the nonsense. Let the man work. It's not like anyone has to worry about Cockrel ruining the city or anything. That's been handled.

Sure, he may be a little dull, but he's a Trekkie, for God's sake. Also, he looks cute in hats. Then there was that lovely speech the other week at the Opera House.

These are the things that become important, you see, once you realize that nobody's ever going to come out with a plan - like a real plan - to lead the city to a brighter future. Like, really lead. Of course, maybe that's asking for trouble: Everyone remembers that the famous Kilpatrick sis boom bah boosterism / charisma just turned out to be a bunch of bluster that led to a staggering budget deficit nobody knew about until it was too late, or whatever.

Yes, in the aftermath of a year or so of political soap opera, Cockrel's slow-and-steady-wins-the race style is appealing. Good news is, if he really flames out, there's 3 more trips to the polls before the end of 2009. Come November, maybe let Dave Bing have a shot - provided he's still around listening to people whine about how he lives in Franklin or whatever, like they wouldn't if they could. That is all.

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