Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oy, such a day

KWAME WHO? The known felon / non-secret muslin is headed to the other D. Here's where he won't be working: With known non-gay T.D. Jakes. Or Comerica. It's all right here.

EXCELLENT, IF TRUE After all the jibber-jabber re: film studios in places like Pontiac and Allen Park, it's a relief to hear that someone actually has their eye on Detroit. Let's hope this happens. Also, PS: More of the above, less attention-seeking honchos of ick mortgage companies spew lying lies like liars.

OH, WELL THEN. THAT'S A RELIEF Turns out nobody murdered Johnnie Redding. He just froze to death, or whatever. Carry on.

HELLO, NEW PEOPLE Thanks to Model D for including this blog in their feature story this week, and to the person at DY that clipped part of a previous post and then took something I said out of context, which apparently made some of y'all curious. Stick around, possums - we actually say nice things about Detroit sometimes. Mostly when we're drunk.

1 comment:

Thrasher said...

DN hit a new low with its sleaze tabloid driven photo of dead man frozen in ice...

I also found Charlie's reporting chezzy and not accurate..There are a number of integrity and journalistic shortcomings abound in this story..
I will never purchase DN agian..I hate sales models build on depravity..