Monday, February 23, 2009

So this is how WDET is going to be all about Detroit?

Sorry, but why do they keep murdering WDET? Flipping on the radio this morning, turns out that pretending nothing was going to happen didn't stop the changes from being made. Also, the changes, they are big.

Now, at 8:00 in the goddam morning, when you tune in to hear Morning Edition, you are subjected to that Marketplace-esque, ha ha ha, pointlessly flip and fast-paced version of a typical news show, called The Takeout, or Takeaway or whatever. It's terrible and self-conscious, middle-aged people pandering to younger listeners and I want it killed. Why, God, why, are they doing BBC News headlines at 8:30 am on an American news station?

It gets better. The show will be airing from 8:00 to 10:00. Two freaking hours, people. TWO HOURS.

Look at the show's markets on their site - Detroit is the only major market besides New York (the show's point of origin) to kill Morning Edition at 8:00. (In most markets, it runs until 9, sometimes longer.) New York may put this abortion on the air in prime time as well, but even there, it's on AM. AM, people.

Then, as if we hadn't suffered enough, after two hours of these Kai Ryssdal-aping motherfuckers, we get Tom Ashbrook.

Bitch, no. A pompous, tin-eared sonofabitch from Boston is how we make WDET more of a Detroit radio station? Really? I sort of blocked out the promos he did, where in true Ashbrook style, he was antagonizing his newest audience, asking why Detroit isn't part of the national conversation about Detroit. (This is the same thing that the new WDET boss was saying the other week - look around this region, sirs; we are too busy trying to survive. But thanks for stopping by!)

There I was, foolishly hoping that the latest attack on the station's programming would mean change for the good. Instead, things are worse. Maybe the afternoons and evenings will be better, but that doesn't help me. Maybe I am the only person that listens to the radio between 8:00 and noon, but it's when I listen, and now, this listener hears pretty much nothing about Detroit. On Detroit's public radio station. Awesome.


AmyinMotown said...

Can I buy you a drink? Because you're just really right on.

I listen to Morning Edition while I am getting showered and getting myself ready for the day and the kids to school. That's around 8 am for me. I actually don't mind the Takeaway, but I want Morning Edition first thing, not these long talky stories. And call-in shows make me want to stick a pencil in my ear and rupture my own eardrum so I don't have to listen.
I can't be the only person who isn't already at their desk by 8 am. Bring back the 8-9 hour!!

I felt like they were on the right track with Detroit Today and The Backstory--local content dominating much of the day. These changes blow.

D-Tales said...

Switch to 90.9 WRCJ FM. It might not be the local news you desire, but the music's pretty and blessedly talk-free.

David said...

I never say no to a drink!

As clunky and lets-put-on-a-show as Detroit Today was, you learned things about Detroit. As one would expect, when listening to Detroit's public radio station.

Surely, they've considered carefully moving the show to an afternoon timeslot. And, like I said, I might be the only person who rarely, if ever, has the chance to tune into the radio on a weekday afternoon. But I don't, which means Detroit Today might not exist for this previously rather avid listener.

Tom Ashbrook! Jesus. Really, I just can't get over that.

Woodwards Friend said...

Scaling Morning Edition back to 5-8 is an interesting move. I don't know what to really know waht think about it. Otherwise I like the new line-up.

I hope the afternoon Detroit Today allows the program to be more reactive to things going on today. With the 10-noon slot the show was kind of forced to be Detroit Yesterday so to speak. Don't get me wrong it's always been a great show but the PM slot will hopefully make it more immediate.

On a whole, WDET's local news staff is head and shoulders better than WUOM's mostly effete corps of whitebread journalism, they've done a good job picking up more cutting edge national public radio shows instead of relying on tired shows like Day to Day and Talk of the Nation.

I know it's not popular to say out loud but I don't miss the midday baby boomer music blocks from Judy Adams and Martin Bandike. They were ponderous and stale.

smooveb said...

I still haven't gotten over the changes made several years ago. And honestly, after having contributed money annually for years, I haven't listened to WDET since they got rid of Judy Adams and Martin Bandyke in 2004(?).

Sad, seeing as it was once something I listened to almost every day, all day.