Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hell, at least we're not Juarez

Travel is marvelous. For instance, you learn to appreciate what you left behind. After a week criss-crossing the US-Mexican border, let's just say that Detroit in springtime is sounding really fantastic.

While the media is right now all about drug-related violence (when they're not doing the economy thing), there appears to be enough remaining manpower for more OMG Detroit Has A Sad stories. Maybe you've seen them already, but here are a couple, just in case.

Micki Maynard's story in the Times portrays Detroiters as a teary-eyed group of well-meaning people wandering in the wilderness. She's not all wrong, sadly.

Further to that, a Time magazine reporter does a little wandering in the wilderness of his own this week, making this the 1,000th time an out of town reporter has interviewed Mark Covington of the Georgia Street Community Garden.

George "Action" Jackson says "this is war." Well, George, where's your battle plan? Of course, the story points out that Detroit has no real plan, and no clear leadership to execute said nonexistent plan. Embarrassing.

Finally, the AP turns its attention to the fact that pretty much every piece of property in Detroit will soon be owned by people who do not live in Detroit. "I thought it would be fun to have a look," says one British investor.

Yes. Fun. It's really fun to watch people come in from overseas and buy up properties they won't maintain. That's what's needed. More absentee landlords.

Meanwhile, back to staring out the window at the heaven on earth that is Ciudad Juarez in 2009. (Now, with bonus federales.) Did you know that Juarez is now the most dangerous city in North America? Detroit rises!

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