Friday, March 6, 2009

Trying to laugh, except this is not so much funny

Speechless. Holy Christ! City Council. What? Who did? How? Words fail. You too also, possibly?

I was going to link to the vid of last night's hijinks, the video that has jaws across Metro Detroit dropping halfway to Tucson.

Instead, I thought it might be more fun to Google Video the words "Crazy." And also "Cow." The top result turns out to be quite similar to watching Detroit City Councilperson, HRH Barbara-Rose Collins lose her shit in yesterday's fake/potentially illegal City Council meeting, but a lot easier to laugh at. Also, the cow is not wearing a tiara, but you get the point, maybe.

Damn, if this doesn't beat all. Just when you thought things couldn't go any further off the rails in Detroit, comes another ton of sad, shitty evidence that we ain't seen nothing yet. New in the neighborhood? Not quite up to speed? Here's a good overview.

Everyone is writing about this mess, actually. Even Rochelle Riley, who kind of nails it in today's column, particularly when she says that "Detroit and Michigan cannot afford the luxury of pretending that it's 1969." (Don't tell the Freep commenters, who are all "white people suck for leaving Detroit like, 4 decades ago," and also, "yeah, but, um, black people suck." Charming! So advanced! What major corporation wouldn't want to invest in Michigan's future?)

Seriously, what a great day to be announcing that the blog is going into hibernation for the month of March. Work to do, bills to pay. As usual, far, far from Detroit. Sad, because, like the old song used to go, there's no town like Motown. Certainly not, when you're talking municipal politics. Not in the developed world, anyway.

Things should be back to normal in early April -- that is, if the City Council hasn't finally gone and burned the place down to keep it out of the hands of white people. Onward, Christian soldiers!


Paul Hue said...

Awesome missive! Please keep them coming.

Laura said...

Of course - just when I start readig your fantastic blog you're taking time off. Enjoy it. But do come back!

David said...

thanks y'all! will be back in april...