Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don't go! (Actually, do)

Who was it that said Michigan needed to shed 30 percent of its population in order to get back on its feet? It may have been more than that. Either way, all weaknesses considered, Michigan is rather overcrowded.

Folks appear to be getting the message: It's been reported recently that just 1,250 people moved to the state of Michigan in the past seven years. Leaving, on the other hand, we have about 110,000 people. That's a lot of people wearing Olde English "D" caps and hoodies being spat out on an unsuspecting American public.

According to a fancy chart that appeared in the News - no link, because their links go dead in like, ten minutes - most went to Florida, Arizona, Texas and other Sun Belt destinations. This is a natural fit. People from Sterling Heights like to not have to shovel snow anymore.

It's also an easy fit because they can transfer all the uncertainty and grumpiness towards black people (or white people, if we're talking "Detroiters") right on to their new community's "illegal immigrants," also often referred to as "Mexicans."

Never mind, of course, that Mr. and Mrs. Michigan have just up and moved behind the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo line (look it up) to a piece of the United States that was surrendered by the neighbors for a few magic beans at a time when Mexico wasn't exactly brilliantly positioned to tell Washington to fuck off and die. Really -- read your history, for like ten minutes at least, please. Nobody's saying give 55 percent of Mexico's territory back, here. But would it kill you to know a tiny bit about where you were moving to? (Probably, but hey - dream the dream!)

Anyway. Moving out. Is what we were talking about. At this point, how long before the NAIAS people decide to pack their bags and fly the auto show to Las Vegas? Look at the bright side - if it snows heavily that weekend in January, major thoroughfares outside of downtown Detroit might actually get salted. Or plowed. Ha ha ha. Plowed.

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