Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It will rise from the ashes (the blog, that is)

You hate to quit when things are just getting good, so this is not goodbye. The blog's not going anywhere. The blog will rise from the ashes. When? Who knows when. The blog is kind of like Detroit. Masochists ask such questions.

Meantimes, love it for what it is: An unwitting chronicle of the brief but fascinating few months that saw Detroit yanked out of obscurity (mostly due to its own absurd behavior) and set on a national stage to be pointed at and made fun of like the ugly girl at a beauty pageant. For things like Kwame, for General Motors. House prices. Chrysler. The Lions. The City Council. The public schools.

Sure, there's more. It's Detroit. There's always more. It doesn't matter, though, because I'm looking ahead, ahead to summer, which is going to be all about having a good time, as much as one can have a good time in a year like this.

Examples of good times I intend to have include but are not limited to: Two, three weeks (a month?) of drinking cheap local wine from my favorite Lake Erie North Shore wineries in an undisclosed location not far from Amherstburg. Inevitably, there will be feelings of guilt over having supported the Canadian economy, but then, somehow and magically, I'll get over it.

There will be many visits to the DIA in an effort to keep it from having to fire more people, plenty of wasted mornings at various cafes that are not the Mercury Coffee Bar (RIP, sucktards), wasted nights at various bars, dinner at Slows. Maybe even a little community gardening, because, as we all know, we're a burgeoning agricultural community trapped in the decaying husk of a dying industry town. Or something!

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