Thursday, April 30, 2009

Point proven?

When people ask why Detroit is Detroit as we know it, one of the first explanations that springs to mind is that the region's entitlement culture creates a scenario where the people are not given to taking action when they see a need. In Detroit, one plays the waiting game. Maybe some day, Detroit says to itself, someone will come up in here and fix this mess. Also, PS, you owe me. Give me. It has always been thus; thanks in advance.

Nolan Finley of the News has a column today, as he does on so many other days. Often, they boggle the mind, like the one about how green jobs killed California, or whatever. This one's good, actually.

Basically, what we have is AAM's Dick Dauch talking about cutting jobs in Detroit. Like, big time. Bye-bye. Dauch speaks candidly as to the why, saying that it's not a North America problem, a Michigan problem. It's not the union's fault. Fuck that.

No, he says. It is "a Detroit problem."

What kind of "Detroit problem," Dick? Sounds racist!

Detroit, he says, has an entitlement culture. Detroit feels as if it is owed a living. People don't show up for work, he says. His area plant has the highest rate of absenteeism of any AAM facility. Some days, one-third of the workforce doesn't show up, causing problems with production. In summary: Detroit = worst workers ever.

This is all a bit one-sided. Bashing Detroit is easy. What does Detroit have to say in response to all this? Check it out. Quite revealing. If you don't feel like clicking through, gems from the conversation on a local message board include:

-You piece of shit, Dick. You also caused swine flu. (It appears that what this commenter meant to say was that Dick Dauch is a Mexican whore, for taking jobs to Mexico, or something.)

-Managers are awful and make crazy obscene money and the poor line worker needs more incentive to work. (YOU OWE US.)

-George Bush is evil! It's all his fault! (Did you know that in Detroit, it is usually not Detroit's fault? Ever? Ever ever ever ever?)

-Also, Obama is destroying America! (To be fair, you see this comment a lot on here, so this may be sort of misleading.)

-Washington is the problem. Don't blame the unions. (Did he blame the unions? No, he didn't. Read the article, fucknuts. If you can read!)

-Wait, how are we supposed to compete with people making $1.30 an hour? (AAM's Mexico plant is unionized, just as an fyi. Again, read the fucking article.)

-You know what really should have happened? The workers should have burned the place down! (HA HA HA ARSON=FUNNY!)

Thank you for your attention, Detroit. You may now return to your porch rockers and resume whittling. Or return to rolling around in your own feces. Or watching Chrysler die. Whatever's more comfortable.

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