Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh, hi, out-of-town investor people!

Bagley Street. Corktown. One of Detroit's most impressive pieces of early architecture. Anyone out there aware of how few of these there are still standing in the Great Lakes region? Yeah. Not many.

Built in 1890 when people were still cribbing styles from back east, this one's kind of (kind of) a cross between a Federal rowhouse in Philadelphia's Society Hill or similar (that facade) and a Brooklyn brownstone (those steps). Both of those things would cost a lot, because they are not in Detroit. As is, this baby is going begging for a mere $130K.

In summary and in closing: The block is good, the house is marvelous, needs work, don't we all. Buy it, won't you? Thanks.


AmyinMotown said...

Is this the old B and B (I don't think it is one anymore)? or your house :-)? I lived in Corktown ten years ago and loved it loved it loved it. My daughter is going to Holy Trinity school in the fall, and my husband and I are seriously kicking ourselves that we were not more patient and waited for a house there to open up seven years ago when we bought here in Greenacres (not that we don't love Greenacres but it makes a lot more sense to be paying Detroit taxes, etc., when you're that close to all the things that makes the city great, we may as well be living in Ferndale).

We've decided, actually, that the only things that would keep us in Detroit for our next house in finding one of those Corktown beauties for cheap.

David said...

It's not mine, and isn't likely to be mine this round, but hopefully someone will fall for it.

I waffle on the whole core vs. fringe thing...sometimes its nice to be near a normal shopping area, but then again, it's also best to be near the river/what's happening downtown. I think both have merit.