Friday, June 26, 2009

Ding, dong, etc.

Separatism enthusiast and aging supermodel Monica Conyers? Done. Over. Sayonara. Bye now. Kenneth Junior says this is probably her last day on council. Oh, Ken -- if only. Stick to being huggable. The charter says you only get booted if you are convicted. Seems it doesn't say anything about pleading guilty to a felony, probably because the nice people who wrote it assumed that anyone pleading guilty to a felony would probably just leave without having to be asked. Clearly, the charter was written in a different time, in a different Detroit.

Never mind all that, for now. What one really wants to see is the national press getting on this. It may be time for Mr. C to finally stop pretending his wife doesn't exist, time to be subjected to a bit of public humiliation. It doesn't matter what he's done in the past; we all eventually reach our sell-by date and have to be smart enough to retire or try our hand at something new. We hear Dallas is lovely at this time of year?

Meanwhile, the Freep reports that Martha Reeves is AWOL, giving interviews to the British press about how awesome Downtown is and not attending council meetings. What is she, crazy, missing all this excitement? (Oh, wait.) It's said Reeves is on tour in the UK, but that sounds an awful lot like "hiking the Appalachian Trail" to us. Maybe she's taken a lover! Free Press, will you be at the airport to ask her the hard questions when she finally comes home?


N said...

"It doesn't matter what he's (John Conyers) done in the past..."

Please, could you refresh my mind for me. What has he actually DONE for Detroit in the past?

David said...

Hey now, N! Good point.