Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our forefathers would be bursting with pride, or into tears, or whatever

Hey now, just in time for Independence Day, here comes "Are You There Dave Bing, It's Me, Detroit" out from behind the curtain, to give DPD Chief James Barren the ol' KTHXBAI, on grounds that...well, heck, what grounds -- who knows! Does it matter? Just enjoy the fireworks!

Things you can also enjoy today include but are not limited to our newly updated 2009 Detroit Murda (and other major incidents where firearms were involved) Map. Because, hey, The More You Know and etcetera.

So, here we go.


N said...

David, it's been 2 months since your last post. I miss both your photos of Detroit life and your pithy comments. Please consider resuming regular postings.

David said...

Thanks, N - I know, i've been gone for a while, but this puppy's coming back, i swear! Stay tuned.