Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's do the numbers

View Detroit 2011 in a larger map

Statistics recently released by the Census Bureau show the city of Detroit in far worse shape than some people had imagined. That is not surprising. Detroit is great at pretending things aren’t nearly as bad as they are, which is part of the city’s charm. We are talking, after all, about one of of a very few places in the first world where can you drive down some street that looks like it just got slammed by a dirty bomb, only to have someone point out the one thing that didn’t go kablooey as some super-duper example of how everything is in turnaround. It’s fucking adorable. 

Less adorable:  The news that census tracts in the city sustained losses up to nearly 70 percent. City-wide, you were lucky if you got off with less than 10 or 15 percent decline. (Relatively few tracts did.) In the last ten years, we’ve seen a pattern of instability creep into places that were previously thought to be untouchable.

Curious to see where the people are, where they aren’t, who’s screwed, who’s not screwed, where the renaissance, if it ever resumes, will hit first? This map may prove useful. Any suggestions or corrections, please drop me a note.