Saturday, May 14, 2011

Armed and dumb

If only everyone senselessly murdered in Detroit had someone who cared enough about them to raise hell.

That's the lesson, maybe, from the whole Greg McNicol drama. One week after the Aussie landlord was shot and killed in front of his apartment building at the corner of Canfield and Beniteau, the DPD booked Freddie Young, 62, for the killing. Swift justice? How un-Detroit!

Then again, the plan to murder McNicol wasn't exactly foolproof or smart. Broad daylight, witnesses, happened while he was arguing with a deadbeat tenant in front of the building. If the cops couldn't pin this on her, they shouldn't be cops.

Can't help but wonder though, how much it pissed off City Hall to have Australian politicians calling and sending letters. Or to see the grieving widow stage a presser (pretty much) at the crime scene. Can't help but wonder if things like that greased the wheels just a tad.

The way the Australians and McNicol's family fought back, even if only in a small way, the fact that his widow refused to be scared off, raises a really sad and interesting point. After all, how did Detroit react? Same as usual -- for every one person who felt something, anything at all, there were nine more who heard the news, maybe muttered something under their breath, something about lying down with dogs, and changed the channel.